Exit Newcastle Escape Room

Exit Newcastle Escape Room

Have you heard of live action escape games? No? Neither had I until recently but if you are old enough to remember the Crystal Maze then you wouldn’t be far off the mark. EXIT Newcastle is Newcastle’s finest offering.

Don’t worry…. There’s no spoiler alerts….. although this could well be my most vague review to date.

Of course I can’t tell you everything about our visit for fear of being lynched but I can tell you that it was the most fun 60 minutes we had ever experienced. Working as a duo, we were put through our paces using our mental skills and agility to work as a team to solve the room and escape.

Exit Newcastle 1

We went in with a bit of bravado that we’d smash this in no time and yes, we escaped within the 60 minutes, it was harder than expected. We would recommend going in a small group of 2/3 as we could see it getting over crowded with a larger group and someone will inevitably be left twiddling their thumbs!

Exit Newcastle 12

The team behind EXIT Newcastle will be opening a second themed room soon which will give everyone who has already visited the perfect excuse to go back!

You can find EXIT Newcastle at 67a Westgate Road and it is £50 for 2 people for the 60 minute live action experience. Open daily from 10am to 10pm

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