Original Source Skin Quench Moisturising Oil spray


Original Source Skin Quench

Are you going on holiday this summer, or suffer from dry skin? Look no further than the Skin Quench Moisturising Oil Spray with Watermelon and Jojoba from Original Source.

A bargain buy, this oil will become your new best friend.

I will admit Original Source isn’t a brand I know much about. I tried a minty body wash years ago and wasn’t a fan so I haven’t looked since, that’s all changed thanks to this oil. I have been cruising the Original Source website making a mental shopping list!

Original Source Skin Quench

With a fresh and fruity watermelon fragrance, this oil mist is light, easily absorbed and deeply nourishing.  I have been using this in place of after sun and body moisturiser while on holiday and it was perfect.

I was left with a light subtle sheen on the skin which looked beautiful on a night, no need for a highlighter or body shimmer!  As the oil is so light and quickly absorbed, you don’t need to hang around too long before dressing and it doesn’t rub off to leave greasy marks on your cloths.


For less than a fiver, you cannot go wrong with this body oil. Buy it now before I beat you to it and buy up all their stock!


The Blood Orange and Pineapple shower gels are next to hit my bathroom shelf

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