Kielder Reservoir Forest Drive

Kielder Reservoir Forest Drive

If you find yourself with a spare afternoon this summer, why not head up to Kielder Reservoir Forest Drive?

With 12 miles of beautiful scenery and countryside spread out before you on one of the UK’s highest roads (1500m above sea level), it is the ideal way to get out and about for only £3.

As the road is unsurfaced and mostly gravel, the track is suitable for most cars except those with low profile tyres or lowered suspension. Motorbikes and quads are not allowed, making it suitable for pushbikes and even walkers! We ventured out in our Land Rover so we were on the look out for extra rough parts to play on!

Kielder Forest Drive

Our top tip is to start at Blakehopeburnhaugh on the A68 and work your way back towards Kielder Castle on the Kielder Reservoir Forest Drive, unless of course you are coming from the south and then it’s the first point. Making your way up the logging track, there is a toll booth at the far end (£3) which you can either pay solely for the forest drive or for parking as well and visit the Castle.

Kielder Forest Drive 3

We started at Blakehopeburnhaugh and made our way over the peaks and dips of the forest before finishing the drive with a cup of tea and an ice lolly at the Castle. The Castle itself houses an information centre, toilets and a cute little café serving lunches.

Kielder Forest Drive 1

There’s picnic spots and a separate car park and toilet facilities, as well as a few clearings within the drive itself where you could pull over, have lunch and a little explore.

Check it out this summer!


  1. 9th June 2015 / 6:49 am

    We love cycling round the trails. Such a beautiful part of the NE 🙂

    • Katie
      14th June 2015 / 8:37 am

      I must admit i’m not an energetic as that, but you truly can’t beat the english countryside!

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