Lush Shower Jelly in Whoosh

Lush Shower Jelly in Whoosh

Hello Lovelies,

I always feel a little bit left out when everyone in the bloggersphere raves about Lush as I don’t actually like baths. Don’t worry, I do wash, I just hate getting in the bath. Showers ftw!

Because of this I always forget to go in to Lush to check out their shower products. Recently I was invited along to the re launch event for the Newcastle store and after talking to the lovely staff, I picked myself up a Whoosh


A super fresh, invigorating clean smell, you feel revitalised straight away in the morning. Just what we will all be needing now that the dark mornings are fast approaching. Suitable for men and women, the jelly lathers up incredibly well and the smell lingers on the skin without overpowering body products.


I keep the little pot in my shower and use it with a shower net but the staff in store gave me the great tip of keeping the jelly in the fridge, taking it out just before use for a mega jolt of invigoration.

   photo Signaturegif_zpsb878fe60.gif

* Guest at the launch event – Bought with my own money.


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