Fancy Furniture from Feather & Black

Fancy Furniture from Feather & Black

Hello Lovelies, 

Mr Tramp and I are currently hunting for a new house to buy. Our home is a ‘new build’ in a rural village in County Durham but we are looking to move to a more period, rural home.

We need to replace the bedroom furniture in the master bedroom of our house and we are having to keep in mind that whatever we buy for this house will have to be in keeping with something older. No ultra modern super minimalist pieces for us.

We both have trouble sleeping and after have a dark wood bedroom suite and dark cosy colour scheme we are wanting to go the polar opposite and create a serene, light calming room after readying the Feather & Black ebook. The book was compiled after a national sleep survey by experts.

The Amelie collection is gorgeous. Vintage enough to fit in with an older house without being too OTT ostentatious in a new house. All our boxes ticked then!

I think I’d probably swap the bed for a metal frame bed such as the Riley as I just like metal frames!

I am currently eyeing this knitted throw…. I think I will save up and treat myself when we finally put an offer in on a new home

I’m a sucker for a beautifully styled furniture website, it really encourages you to want to buy everything. Feather & Black is a dangerous website for your bank balance – You’ll want to buy it all!

* Post in conjuction with Feather & Black

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