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trtl review

I am a travel napper. Planes, trains, cars and on the floor of an airport. I don’t have trouble falling asleep in uncomfortable places but I do always wake up with that dreaded neck crick. Welcome to my life – trtl!

I find the thick smushy travel pillows to be very cumbersome when you are trying to lug them around and no one likes to end up using their neighbours shoulder as a pillow right?

trtl review

The Trtl (£24.95) is an ingenious invention by Michael Corrigan and David Kellock, hailing from Glasgow who met when they were both engineering students. Trtl, pronounced turtle, stands for Travel Refreshed, Travel Light. Since launching in late 2013, you can already find the product on shelves at Heathrow and St Pancras.

With a super soft micro fleece scarf surrounding an innovative support, you can pop it on and rest assured that you won’t get the neck crick or burden your seat mate. The fleece scarf portion doesn’t look out of place while your sleep, keeps you warm while you snooze and folds up in to a compact little parcel. It is also washable and being fleece, it is super quick to dry if you need to wash while you are away.

trtl review

I have tried my trtl out having a quick cat nap in my arm chair and on a super long car journey recently and I was so impressed that it kept me up right without lolling around. It’s like having your head on a pillow. I’m sure you’ll know how hard it is to get your head comfy when you’re napping in a car!

The desgin of the frame is just inspired and is very clearly a result of an well travelled engineer. I love how it can be worn on both sides or front and back. It truly does suit everyone.

trtl review

This has rapidly moved up to the top of my must have travel items and I can’t wait to really put it to the test on my next long haul flight in a few weeks.

The trtl is available in 4 neutral colours and you can buy it directly from trtl or on Amazon

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