Grassington 1940s Weekend

Grassington 1940s Weekend

This coming weekend sees the annual Grassington 1940s Weekend held in Grassington, Yorkshire. The entire village gets in to the retro spirit and embraces the yesteryear festival.

We visited last year and are going back for the weekend this year.

The 1940s weekend features Spitfire flyovers, tea dances, Lookalikes, Military vehicle parades and musical entertainment all from the period.

Grassington 1940s Weekend

The park and ride is operated on vintage buses and there is a great re-enactment camp where they fire up a stationery Spitfire engine. My gosh that sounds insane!

This year’s 1940’s weekend is to include:
A full size 18 ton tank in Grassington Square
West Yorkshire Austin / Classic Car Club parked around the village

Re-enactor camps and displays in YDNP Car Park to include:
A large selection of Vintage Military Vehicles
Fox Commando Royal Navy and Combined Operations Unit
American encampment
German 21st Panzer Div LHG
German 1st Kompanie GD
German Heer Signals Unit
Russian 13th Guards ‘Poltavaskaya’ Rifle Division
West Riding 28th Battalion Home Guard – ‘C’ Company

Grassington 1940s Weekend

Some displays will include pyrotechnics. There is also a help for heroes stall where you can practice your shooting practice (I perfected my shot last year on a print out of the Go Compare man right between the brows!)

The best thing about the1940s is the atmosphere. Everyone is so friendly and the businesses have really embraced the weekend with everyone dressed up to get in to the swing of things.

You will find American airmen having a pint with a german soldier, with a land girl serving behind the bar. Costumes aren’t a requirement but they certainly add to the fun!

Grassington 1940s Weekend

It is just brilliant and I wholeheartedly recommend making a trip over the weekend. You can find more information on the Grassington 1940s Weekend on Grassington website here.

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