Rimmel Brow this way 001 Blonde

Rimmel Brow this way 001 Blonde

Hello Lovelies, 

Since Benefit brought out their Gimme Brow fibre gel, brands have been climbing over themselves to roll out their own brow gels products.
I have already reviewed the Benefit offering here, but today I wanted to show you the Rimmel version which retails for £3.99.

The gel itself is wet, tinted and has great lasting power. It doesn’t feel clumpy or caked during the day. The Benefit product contains small microfibers which make the product a drier application and as a result takes a few goes to build up the lash colour but I find the Rimmel much quicker to use.
My only gripe with the Rimmel product is the size of the wand. It’s mahoosive! I am pretty sparse in the brow department but the brush is the same size as a mascara wand! I definitely prefer the control and size of the Benefit wand.
I chose the lightest shade in blonde and it was perfect for when I had my white hair and now I have toned it down. It is quite a dark gel for blonde so don’t discount it and go darker.

Now that I have tried both, I can see that they very clearly have their own appeal and with that come with their own Pro’s and Con’s. I’d probably buy the Rimmel one again, before I buy the Benefit version.

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  1. 11th September 2014 / 12:09 am

    The rimmel wand is quite big compared to the benefit one, still sounds a good product 🙂

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