Food Friday : Recipe book review – Eggs by Michel Roux Jr

Food Friday : Recipe book review – Eggs by Michel Roux Jr

Hello Lovelies,

Collecting cookery books is my secret hobby. I just love them. Even if I never use them, I just can’t help collecting them up to make my bookcase look pretty.

If you can remember my post HERE about learning to like eggs, you’ll know I mentioned this cookery book.

Michel Roux Jr, is a 2 Michelin star chef from the Roux family dynasty and runs La Gavroche in London as well as being a regular face on TV.

From opening this book, I was impressed with the photography. Clear and bold and perfectly simplistic. Nothing looks like it is beyond you being able to recreate it, which will give any novice hope!

Each section is dedicated to a cooking method, from poached to fried and omlettes then on to desserts, with clear and concise instructions to help you get the skills perfected.

The recipes are an even balance of simple and straightforward to the slightly ‘flash’. Even they still use the fundamentals of cooking. Stuffed eggs with mussels? It’s still just boiled eggs at the end of the day.

As it is rapidly approaching the start of the new school year, this could be a brilliant gift for a student moving off on their own for the first time as eggs are one of those store cupboard staples.

For me, it is giving plenty of eggy inspiration for things to try in the future on my quest to enjoy eggs!

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