Food Friday : Frankie + Benny’s, Washington

Food Friday : Frankie + Benny’s, Washington

Hello Lovelies,

Recently I had a business meeting with a client in Frankie + Benny’s of all places as it was local. Arriving at 6pm on a Friday evening without a booking, we were seated immediately and thankfully our request to be seated out of the way of the large childrens birthday party in full swing was fulfilled. It’s not a chain I would go out of my way to choose as I prefer independent restaurants but when needs must, it certainly serves a purpose! I thought I would include this as I know a lot of people may be looking for reviews before visiting!
As it was Friday, the set menu was available so we had 2 courses for £11.95 with the additional dessert for £2.50, making it a filling 3 course meal for £14.45.

Drink service was fast and we weren’t rushed as we browsed the menu and chatted for longer than we probably should have. Mocktails were ordered.


Gentle Breeze

The Gentle Breeze (£2.95) was very refreshing with apple, cranberry and lime juice but my companions Amalfi Sunrise (£2.95) was so teeth meltingly sickly sweet I don’t think I could have worked my way through it! It had passion fruit, orange and pomegranate syrup.

Amalfi Sunrise

For starters we both opted for the Louisiana Chicken skins. 2 potato shells loaded with a dose of hot sauce and topped with cubed chicken, peppers and cheese. Sour cream was served on the side as a welcome accompaniment for those who aren’t hot sauce gluttons… I wish they had brought the bottle of hot sauce with the starters as I could definitely have added more to mine. My dining partner was more than happy with the small amount already added!

I ordered the spicy sausage calzone pizza which arrived smothered in garlic butter and tomato sauce. The pizza dough was light and crisp. The filling was generous but not at all spicy. I know it’s a fine line between people’s perception of spicy but it was somewhat lacking. Nothing a dose of the hot sauce that was brought out with the condiments couldn’t fix. My main gripe with the pizza, each time I have had it, is that it has cut up sausages in it… bear with me on this one….. I expect sausages in my spicy sausage pizza but it felt more like I had the breakfast leftovers sliced up and re-purposed rather than something originally destined for a pizza.  Maybe I am just too fussy? It was very tasty though!

My dining partner had the cajun chicken melt which I must admit looked very small! A grilled chicken bread was topped with bacon, cheese and BBQ sauce. Served with fries, cajun mayo, coleslaw and a corn on the cob. The verdict was tasty.

As a side, we had a portion of the bacon and cheese fries (£4.25) which I think is an astronomical rip off for what it actually is! Like eye gouging expensive… but that Frankie + Benny’s philly cheese sauce is like crack. Once you have it, you do anything to get it! I love it so the price is just a cross I have to bear!

The meal (and meeting!) was rounded off with the peanut butter sundae which was so sweet it was perfect! Served in a tall glass, the sundae was full of warm brownie chunks, layers of peanut butter and ice cream all topped with whipped cream.

All in all we were in the restaurant for about 2.5hrs and at no point were we pressure to speed up, or leave. In fact as we’d made an offhand comment about having a meeting, we appreciated the fact that we were pretty much left to get on with it. The staff we interacted with were all very friendly, chatty and courteous and couldn’t have been more helpful, especially when we asked for VAT receipts!
We visited the Washington Galleries Frankie + Benny’s on Friday 13th June.

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