Neal + Wolf Indulgence Candle

Neal + Wolf  Indulgence Candle

Hello Lovelies, 

If you can cast your mind back to my review of the Neal + Wolf hair care products HERE, you will remember me raving on about the scent of the products. Not only were they kind and gentle on my hair, they made me smell like I was dipped head to toe in Givenchy’s Ange Ou Demon which I am absolutely obsessed with!

When the candle landed on my door step I was a very happy bunny. In a dark frosted glass tumbler with Neal + Wolf on the side, the candle had a real high end presence and the tumbler made a pleasant change from the clear glass, white label combo a la Dyptique and Jo Malone.
Without even lighting the candle my living room has a subtle aroma of the candle which is of course intensified on lighting. The wax itself burns cleanly without sooting and has a good melt pattern. The lower down the wax and wick travel, the more the tumbler takes on a rich opulent glow from inside which is quite therapeutic in a darkened room.
I am a big fan of deep rich ‘wintery’ scents but come the summer I find them a little overbearing when the sun is shining but I am haven’t found a summery light scent I like. The Neal + Wolf candle is a great in between.  Evocative yet light enough to not become overbearing.
I have moved the candle in to my office which is a smaller room that my living room and it keeps the whole room scented when the door is shut. As soon as I walk in to work I smell the candle and find it relaxing.
If you are a fan of the hair products or Ange ou Demon then you need to buy this. If, like me, you prefer a winter scent candle and struggle to transition in to summer, give it a try. I promise you will love it!
The Neal + Wolf candle is priced at £17.95 and available direct from their website HERE
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* Item initially sent for review. Repurchased with my own money.

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