UltraBond Lash Glue

UltraBond Lash Glue

Hello Lovelies,

Over the May bank holiday weekend I took part in the Ultra Bond Challenge from Nouveau Lashes.

UltraBond is a glue that can last in excess of 48hrs  and is latex free as well as heat, humidity and water resistant. UltraBond was the glue of choice used on this years gruelling Sports Relief programme of events by head of make up Nicola Coleman.

I applied my lashes at 6am on Friday morning and removed them on Sunday lunch time. A full 55 hours without any lifting, drooping, irritation or that dreaded pinging off feeling. I genuinely did not expect the lashes to last that long. Anything over 1 night out in a pub would be an improvement by my standards!

While wearing the lashes I slept, applied and removed make up, showered, applied and removed contact lenses, cried and rubbed my eyes. They hung on in there like troopers. By the 55th hour I had a tiny bit of lifting in the inner corner of one eye but I had expected a full on eyeball migration!

The lashes I wore were Nouveau Strip Lash number 3 from Collection 1 (£8.95) and they were long enough to create impact yet delicate enough for me to wear them to work and no one look at me like I was in drag. 

I personally don’t like Duo glue and have yet to find one I am happy with but Ultra Bond has ticked all my boxes. Long lasting, odour free and non irritating on sensitive eyes. Even better news, it comes in black as well as white!
When I removed the lashes there was no gunky stringy residue you often get with lashes which was a good thing as I actually removed them half way through the day while I was out!
UltraBond retails for £12.95 for a 10g tube and is available to buy online HERE

If, like me, you are frustrated with lashes just not staying put, give UltraBond a try.

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* Product supplied for review purposes but views are 110% my own.


  1. 8th May 2014 / 7:41 pm

    That is a lot of time to be wearing lashes! Good that it managed to stay on though. My eyes start streaming if I use any other glue than the Eylure one which is frustrating.

  2. 18th May 2014 / 2:42 pm

    OMG this sounds amazing! I am definitely gonna pick up a tube. I love falsies and need something like this for the summer. Thanks x

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