Paul Mitchell Neuro Intelligent Styling with Gary Hedley Salons

Paul Mitchell Neuro Intelligent Styling  with Gary Hedley Salons

Hello Lovelies,

Recently I was very kindly invited to attend a preview event of the Neuro intelligent styling tools by Paul Mitchell, hosted in Newcastles very own Gary Hedley salon.

Greeted by topless waiters, I was walked through the new range of stylers from the brand. With a choice of wide straighteners, a curling rod and 2 conical wands as well as a hairdryer and hot roller system you are spoiled for choice regardless of your hair type or styling goals.

Each hot tool self regulates its temperature up to 50 times a second to ensure consistent heat throughout. The barrels of each rod and wand are constructed from a double core design allowing the heat to be conducted better and more evenly along the tool making sure when your hair comes in to contact with it you are delivering an even distribution.

The tools are also programmable to give yourself a set styling time, meaning you will never again have to worry if you turned your straighteners or wand off. Time how long you take on your hair, set the timer and the next time your appliance will shut itself off after this has elapsed. Genius!

Liam, a stylist at Gary Hedly sat me down and worked his magic on my coarse dry barnet and transformed it in to a beachy wavy glossy mane. Not only was Liam an absolute sweetheart, he talked me through the best way to recreate the style at home. They key is to just keep on loosening the curls and don’t be afraid to get your hands in there to add texture.

Thanks to the longer length barrel on the 1″ rod, Liam was able to twist my long hair around which was a bonus as some barrels are more suited to shorter hair.

I have truly never been so impressed with both the style and stylist. I couldn’t stop looking at my hair and other stylists were saying how well my hair had both taken to the style and the tools. I wish Liam could do my hair every day!

The lovely Alexis from Newcastle Sparkles had a gorgeous curled style created with the straighteners from the line. They really emphasised the glossy colour and condition of her brunette hair.

To coincide with the launch of the Neuro I was also introduced to the Express Dry Wash spray. A clear and weightless spray to give second day hair a new lease of life or to inject volume and texture in to clean hair. Perfect for brunettes who struggle with Batiste etc this not only smells DIVINE but it is really hard to tell you have used it as hair feels just-washed-fresh.

Gary Hedley salon has 4 locations in and around Newcastle employing over 60 people. You can find out more about the salons HERE. I definitely recommend Liam in the Moseley Street salon 110% and I will be booking in for another visit very soon!
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