BOBS vs Toms – Battle of the plimsolls

BOBS vs Toms – Battle of the plimsolls

 Hello Lovelies, 

Summer is apparently in full swing……. With that brings the onslaught of sandals and plimsolls. Toms have lead the way for the last few years followed behind by their less attractive counterpart, Flossys.

This year I want to share my personal favourite. BOBS.


BOBS is a branch of the Skechers brand and manufactured to be exactly the same as Toms, but for around half the price. Like Toms, for every pair of Bobs you buy, 1 pair is donated for free to a child affected by poverty and homelessness across America and 30 other countries.

With a super spongy sole, cushioned arch and suede lining, the canvas shoes are identical in form. The labels are obviously different. They also come in a myriad of colours from zebra print to sequin!

I usually buy my Bobs from Amazon as you can pick them up for around £20 and they come in some pretty awesome colour ways and outer fabrics such as lace.

This is my first trust pair that saw me walking about 10 mile a day for a week around Rome. They revolutionised my holiday footwear!

As if they couldn’t get any better. BOBS have incorporated the Skechers memory foam technology in to a pair of vulcanised rubber soled plimsolls and created the Le Club Brentwood. Be still my beating heart!

If you are more about the label than the value, you go ahead and stick with your Toms but I hope the savvy amongst you realise Bobs are an epic bargain without forfeiting the comfort and features like you would with £5 pairs from ebay et al or paying for a label.

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