Valentines Week – Jewellery and gems

Valentines Week – Jewellery and gems

Hello Lovelies,

Thursday and day 4 of Valentines Day means bling day!

Let’s get serious for a second ok…. I know everyone’s budget is different but please don’t feel pressured by your friends, the media or even this post to stretch yourself beyond your means for a gift. I know, for example, everyone says you should spend 3 months wages on an engagement ring but I personally think it’s crap. My first engagement ring cost £6.50 from the half price jewellers in Newcastle because Mr Tramp was still at Uni. He did go on to replace it with someone different and AMAZING when he could afford it but the moral of the story is I wouldn’t have loved him any more or our marriage be any better if he’d got himself in to debt just to buy a ring the first time round.

Be sensible folks!

Clockwise left to right

Whether it is an engagement ring, a friendship ring or a wahey i’m fabulous ring, this beautiful pave two tone ring from Links of London is a modern take on a standard solitaire. Set with rose gold and CZ stones, for £170 this fits nicely in to a price range that can cover all gifting… it’s Mothers Day soon too!

If like me, you have a somewhat unusual taste in jewellery and accessories, then why not check out Drown Soda. I was a huge fan back in the Clutterfly days and can’t wait to order more goodies. This True Love necklace is a bargain at £8.99

This year, H Samuel have a section on their website called Young Love in which the products are contemporary but low in price. Martine Wester geometric crystal studs come in at £7.99 and they are stunning.

When I think of bling, I think of Butler & Wilson immediately. Years of watching QVC as a teenager has ingrained their unique style in to my brain. One of their more subtle pieces, this star bangle is less than £30, available in 3 colours and is beautiful!

Going back to Links of London, this beautiful silver necklace (£130) has a VERY special place in my heart and you can read why HERE 

And lets not forget the chaps eh? When Barack Obama was inaugurated, he was wearing a Jorg Gray watch and now you or your fella can own one too for a mere £315! Jorg Gray also offer a range of beautiful womens watches so you can have his and hers!

If your mans budget doesn’t stretch to the Mulberry handbag of your dreams, why not still own a little piece of Mulberry magic with this delicate and subtle Valentines red cord bracelet with a gold heart padlock. For £70 you may still have some pennies left over for this stunning wide chunky leather cuff which would look great on a man (or even a woman!)

Every girl dreams of receiving that famous blue and white box don’t they? My wedding ring came in one and I probably won’t get another…. but if I were lucky enough to receive another, I would want it to be one of their beautiful and renowned Skeleton Key necklaces

And if you are wondering what I have bought Mr Tramp? A Raymond Weil Freelancer watch from Goldsmiths (with Quidco cashback too no less!)  Don’t worry….. he already knows!

Don’t forget, if you are making a big purchase this Valentines Day, check out cashback websites like Quidco or Google for discount codes for the website you’d like to buy from.

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  1. 6th February 2014 / 10:56 pm

    Nothing wrong with spending so little on the engagement ring! I specifically made sure mine wasn’t going to be expensive because if it were say 3 month’s wages then I wouldn’t want to wear it, and would be terrified of losing it etc.

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