Art for the non art lover….

Art for the non art lover….

Hello Lovelies,

I am not a great fan of trinkets, vases and most of the things that folks have on their mantlepieces and sideboards so I like to keep my room decor simple and enhance the room by displaying artwork on the walls.

Across my house, I have a metal work piece, a custom made collage, a couple of signed prints and originals as well as a photo canvases and an oil painting of the cottage I grew up in.

They all get rotated, moved and given their time to shine so when I think about decorating a room, it’s usually with a focal point in mind. 

When you say to people you like art, they think you must mean the old classics, or that ‘weird’ modern art that you can’t tell if it is upside down or not. There is an uncharted territory of every day, accessible art which I absolutely adore. Let’s not even go there with my love of Banksy! If you aren’t familiar with Banksy’s work, check out his Wiki or google images, you’ll definitely recognise the work if not the name.

At present, my living room is painted red and very very pale grey with a metal work relief of the Golden Gate bridge in San Francisco with the red mirroring the bridge and the pale grey acting as a nod to the infamous foggy bay. It looks visually stunning, even if it sounds a bit odd!

I even enjoy giving art and prints as gifts to people so I quite often trawl galleries online and gift shops of local galleries, you can find some great gems.

On my most recent travels I have discovered a great artist from the Czech Republic called Martin Stranka, ‘I Found The Silence’ is available to purchase from the Saatchi gallery online HERE in a limited run of 25.

I absolutely love it! I am absolutely captivated, mesmerised even.

On the Saatchi website, there are curated collections, put together by gallery staff and experts; inspired by famous artists and styles. The Kandinsky collection contains 30 pieces by artists inspired by the Wassily Kandinsky, the Russian artist.

My favourite in the collection is by UK artist Robert Saunders. Not only is it a gorgeous piece, it would look insane as a printed dress don’t you think?

Are you an art lover? Should I buy the Stranka piece and just not tell the Husband?

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