Fashion Find : Memory Lockets

Fashion Find : Memory Lockets

Hello Lovelies,

With Valentines Day, Mothers Day and my best friends birthday all comin up in a matter of weeks, I have been checking out a lot of gift websites and jewellery trying to find not only potential gifts for Mother Tramp, BFF and some of my boy mates need help finding gifts for their ladies.

Seasonsonline is a North East based fashion retailer and as well as stocking clothes and accessories, they sell memory lockets.


I hadn’t seen these before but I think they are an ingenious idea. Interchangeable floating charms and styles means you can always stay on trend throughout 2014 with your jewellery, adding and subtracting charms as you go.

Due to the magnetic design of the locket frame, the charms ‘float’ freely inside which means every time you move they can move around, changing the look of your piece. It’s this uniqueness that appeals the most as you may not find someone else with the same configuration as you. You can have a necklace or bracelet in a variety of designs.


What really caught my eye was the large pendant which can hold up to 5 charms.

Reasonably priced, with the jewellery starting at £9.99 and the charms from £2.99 I think I will snap one up for my BFF and one for myself too, I couldn’t resist those cute retro / gambling / Las Vegas themed charms! Perfect!

On the website, there also package deals for Valentines Day so snap up a deal for yourself or your loved one while the offer lasts!

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