Seaham Hall launches Darphin Skincare

Seaham Hall launches Darphin Skincare

Hello Lovelies,

Recently, I was invited along to attend the Darphin skincare launch event at Seaham Hall Spa, a local luxury Hotel + Spa.

When the invite landed in my inbox, I took Mother Tramp along for a treat and she was not disappointed!

On entering the grand hotel reception we were greeted by the elegant Oksana, national sales manager for Darphin, before being led through the hotel to the spa on the start of our sensory journey. The interior walk from the hotel main building to the spa is astounding, with a wooden walk way over what can only be described as an indoor rhyl – it’s beautiful and reminds you why Seaham Hall has such a high reputation. Recently, the hotel has come in to new ownership and you can really tell they have ploughed money in to the hotel as it was starting to look quite down at heel, as Mr T and I both noted when we last visited. The whole spa area has been rejuvenated and boy does it look amazing. Seriously.


Prior to some cringeworthy photobooth pictures with Mother Tramp, we were given an application of the new night cream (Ideal Resource) and it sunk in to the skin beautifully.

Moving on to the aroma station, we were asked, by an equally stunning Darphin rep, to close our eyes and smell the essential oil elixirs to pick which one would suit our needs the most. M.T picked Jasmine for mature skin and I picked chamomile for sensitive skin! Next up was the serum station for some expert skin care assistance and advice to pick a prescriptive product. I was matched with the Intral serum, for redness relief. At each station we had our ‘prescription’ filled in with the most suited products for our needs so we had a record.



With a chance to mingle and chat to the lovely ladies from both Darphin and Seaham Hall (sorry, the GM was a gent!) we were spoiled rotten with champagne, cocktails and the most vivid array of sweet canapes. The orange profiterole with caramel glaze was amazing, it was gooey though so you had to shove that bad boy all in one go – Shame eh 😉


After a very informative presentation from the hotel GM and Oksana we taken through the to beautifully sumptuous treatment rooms of the Spa to have a quick 5 minute taster session of a Darphin facial. In the double treatment room, M.T and I chose differing treatment styles and then compared notes. I opted for the relaxing facial which was out of this world. The soothing oil was lightly applied to my face before some firm massage techniques were used. I had shivers down my spine it was that good and I begged my therapist not to stop! Mother Tramp opted for the invigorating facial during which an icy cold piece of stone (Jade I think) was applied to the face in sweeping movements to boost circulation, plump skin and really make you feel alive and awake. As her first experience of a facial she was over the moon with this.

After a quick tour of the new and improved spa facilities with the lovely spa manager, we were off in to the retail store to spend all our pennies on the gorgeous Darphin products. Oksana and her staff were on hand to help guide us through our requirements and our new prescriptive skin care regimen. At no point did we have the hard sell or be forced in to a line of products we didn’t really think suited us. You all know the drill, you pick a moisturiser you like only for the staff to tell you that you MUST use it only with X Y and Z. Not with Darphin, it was an almost holistic approach to picking what we wanted and I think given the history of the Darphin brand, this mentality is one of the corner stones of the brand.

I bought myself the cleansing balm with Rosewood (£32 – here on Darphin website) and it is gorgeous. It is my first foray in to the brand and I’m very happy. The balm smells almost medicinal when applying it but it takes off even the heaviest of make up without worry! I will do a fuller review in time, as well as a more in-depth review of Seaham Spa as I will be returning VERY shortly!

If you are looking for a great new Darphin point of sale in the area, drop in and check it out at Seaham hall!

Have you tried Darphin before?

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  1. 29th November 2013 / 10:37 am

    Wow that spa looks amazing! I love the Hydraskin range and need a new eye gel as mine is almost empty.

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