The perfect eyebrow brush from Crown Brush

The perfect eyebrow brush from Crown Brush

Hello Lovelies,

If there is one brush I couldn’t live without…. It’s a brush for my brows. No doubts.
Today, with this in mind, I want to tell you about my favourite eye brow brush – the Crown Brush C158 Angle liner + Spoolie duo.
I had previously been using a Ruby & Millie brush but back in June time, I bought myself the C158.

With a spoolie at one end a  synthetic bristle brush on the other, this brush is an indispensable tool in anyones arsenal. I had never brushed my brows because I am VERY sparse in this department but lordy, after filling in my brows it really makes a world of difference! It’s funny how I’d never contemplated doing something so basic!

The bristle end is perfect for applying my Benefit Browzings. The stiffness means the brow wax is picked up and lightly dispersed through the brows and again, the brush picks up minimal powder to set. Followed by a quick brush and my brows are looking a little more natural instead of filled in which is a good thing because since darkening my blonde down, I need more emphasis on the brows.
The only downside is, if you use the bristle end on a soft eyebrow product it does leave a little bit of fall out in the pan. You can soften the end up by scuffing the back and forth on something firm and wipe clean (I used the inside of my Browzings)
For £2.89 you really can’t go wrong with this brush.

If you would like to try this brush from Crown Brush, take a look HERE for a great discount code

Have you tried Crown Brush before? What would you recommend I buy next?

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