Music related memories…

Music related memories…
Have you ever heard a song that is so far removed from what you’d usually like, but it magically transports you to another point in your time due to the powerful memories it brings back?
I am big on linking times of my life, experiences etc to songs. It could be a song about what I’m doing, or someone elses favourite song, or the song that was playing at the time.
My absolute song of the summer has been Armin van Buuren + Trevor Guthrie’s  This is what it feels like. You can watch the video on Youtube should you wish but the basic premise is Armin and Trevor driving round the American Desert in Mustangs fighting over women. Porn mogul Ron Jeremy even makes a cameo – What a legend!


Armin van Buuren + Trevor Guthrie on a salt flat with their Mustangs


Vroom VROOM!
The video reminds me of our trip to America in May. We did a lot of driving around Nevada, California and Arizona… in a Mustang convertible. As if the holiday wasn’t epic enough, it is nice to see a little reminder when the video is on and when I hear the song, I usually go glazed over and start reliving it in my head ala JD from Scrubs.
The song came on just as I turned my music on this morning at work so I thought I’d drop a little post with some stills of the video and a couple of holiday snaps. 

We drove a heck of a long way along Route 66 and in to Death Valley (as well as other places)

Paying our toll on the way to Furnace Creek visitor centre in Death Valley National Park
The full view of Death Valley salt flats from the top of Dante’s View, 6,000ft up in the air on the ridge of the Black Mountains


At Badwater Basin, the floor of Death Valley, one of the hottest recorded places on earth.. and god it was!
Out of all our trip photos + vegas wedding photos, this is Pauls favourite photo. Go figure eh!

You can tell Paul and I like to take pictures of cars right?

Are we all aware of how much of a hotty Armin van Buuren is? Woof!

What great memories do you have that are brought back by songs? Let me know!


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