Happy Birthday to my Crafty Uncle

Happy Birthday to my Crafty Uncle

Hello Lovelies,

Today it is my Uncles birthday. He thinks he’s only 13yr older than me (but he really can’t count!).


Here is my Uncle (On the left) + My Dad back in 1964 in America when they lived in New Jersey and were on their way to the New York World Fair.  Check out those matching check outfits! Gosh my Grandma must have been high.

Here is my Uncle giving me my first computer, a Sinclair Spectrum waaay back in the 80s. I am solely blaming him for my career in IT…. Boo!

I think I have mentioned him before when he made me some AMAZING Las Vegas & Elvis themed custom artwork for my house but today I thought I’d showcase his super cool artistic prowess.


He is what I would call a crafting professional, creative in everything he does. He wraps Christmas presents like nobodies business!  My Crafty Life is a craft blog with a unique spin on the more traditional methods within crafting. It’s more edgy and on trend than floral decoupage and teddy bears.

Blogging and creativity very definitely run in the family!


Why not head over to his website, follow his blog and share some of the love on his birthday.


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