Winter Coats – buying ahead of time?

Winter Coats – buying ahead of time?

Hello Lovelies,

As Autumn is rapidly approaching, with it will bring the start of winter and as I live way up north next to the North Pole (as you lovely Londoners seem to think!) I would invest in a new smart and practical winter coat.

On a day to day basis I don’t really wear a coat as I go from the house to the car to the office and I don’t really feel the cold but as soon as the weekend comes I find myself standing outside in Baltic temperatures and after a while, even the most hard Geordie needs to wear a coat.

I wanted to buy a well-made traditional coat that will last me through this A/W season and onwards for future years. Buy well, buy once is the motto of the day.

After I discounted all the types of coats I didn’t want, I found it easier to narrow my choice down and I found myself keep coming back to Le Chameau and their heritage brand. Le Chameau means The Camel in French, for anyone that wondered! If you haven’t heard of them, Google be thy friend. They make the most beautiful leather boots (and is the welly brand of choice with K-Mid apparently).


I opted for the Redbone jacket in tweed. The style and design works well over a suit for work in the winter months as well as with jeans on a weekend out for a walk. Multi purpose is always good. The Redbone is actually a mens jacket but I like the more relaxed fit which allows greater movement and room for a ladies chest + chunky winter jumpers.


The Redbone has hurricane / windbreaker elasticated inner sleaves, sporting back, a soft suede collar to protect your chin and neck, waterproof lining, deep wide bottom pockets and 2 well placed breast pockets as well as pocket keepers to keep the flaps up on the bottom pockets.

I bought my coat from an online retailer but it is now no longer listed on their website I am afraid.

The new Le Chameau online store will launch later on in the year but there are many other online retailers that sell Le Chameau should you wish to pick up the Redbone jacket. It’s very snuggly and warm…. A bit too warm to try on and model, trust me! No doubt when the weather turns I’ll get some shots of it in the action in the rain!
Have you thought about buying your winter coat yet or are you clinging on to the summer weather?


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  1. 22nd August 2013 / 9:09 am

    I have a topshop hooded army style coat for non rainy days which has served me well for the past 3 years and a Barbour jacket for the rain. I hate buying coats if I’m honest as I can never find ones that I like in my price range.

    • Katie at
      22nd August 2013 / 9:44 am

      I always struggle, if I wait until the actual autumn / winter time, the choice in the shop is usually abysmal and I buy out of desperation.

      I bought early when all the shops have a full complement of styles and sizes!

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