Beating Stress with essential oils

Beating Stress with essential oils

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About 2 weeks ago, I put a shout out on Twitter for recommendations for treating and beating stress. Whether it was treatments, products or relaxation methods, I wanted it all as I have seriously been struggling with stress of late. Both day job hassle, business work and personal life. Usually I am ok at dealing with any of those things in insolation, combined, it makes a triquetra of bitch ache!

Julia Lawless, owner of Aqua Oleum provided a great insight in to using essential oils. Read on!

Turn Negative to Positive With Essential Oils!
Being negative can not only be stressful to our mind, body and soul, but can make any situation seem much worse than it actually is.
Julia Lawless, Artisan Aromatherapist, Author and owner of Aqua Oleum, advises how you can stay happy all year round by using pure essential oils to turn a negative experience into a positive one.

“If you have had a negative experience and want to change the way you feel about the situation, one of the most effective ways to alter your mood is through the use of aromatic oils: this is because our sense of smell connects directly to the part of our brain which processes our emotions.
Recent research has shown how different scents can alter our brain wave patterns, regulate the systems within our body and influence our behaviour.
One of the quickest and most pleasurable ways to effect this transformation is to relax in a bath fragranced with a few drops of natural essential oils: petitgain & bergamot are uplifting; lavender & chamomile soothe our entire nervous system; jasmine & neroli are both excellent oils for creating a feeling of optimism; while rose oil is renowned for its comforting and heart-warming qualities.
All these oils can also be used as a simple perfume, a room fragrance or in a massage/body oil – in this case by adding 6-7 drops of your chosen essential oil to a tablespoon of jojoba or sweet almond oil. Scent can help us to reconnect with our emotional interior and to transform it, with truly remarkable and effective results
How do you manage stress. Do you use aromatherapy? Any recommendations?


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