5 quick tips for dressing with summer style

5 quick tips for dressing with summer style

Hello Lovelies,

After having my summer holiday early (boo) it occurred to me that regardless of the climate or location, there’s 5 top tips for dressing with style which always apply.

I know every summer for work I live in linen trousers as I find them a good combination of cooling, chic and practical and they are even versatile enough to travel with…. I like a good mixed blend to keep creasing at bay! Damn those creases.

Being a plus size girly, there’s always fabrics I personally think should be avoided. I am all for this whole ‘wear what you want not what you think you should’ ethos but professionally, I don’t want to turn up to a client meeting looking like a fat over stuffed sausage in a lycra top or overly clingy nylon skirt with bulging VPL.

Accessories are always a big hit for me, if I can’t make a current trend work for me or I don’t want to buy in to a flash in the pan trend, I stock up on cheap and cheerful accessories that are on trend to get an on trend influence to a more plain outfit. MUCH cheaper than following fashion every season if you want to keep a core capsule wardrobe!

Being a plus sized woman does not mean that you need to mask your shape in black and hide behind plain clothes.  Celebrating your beauty as a plus size (or any size) means understanding how to dress your figure and maximise your assets.

Here are five top tips to show off your figure …

Wear clothes that fit

Squeezing into a dress for the numbers it says on the label won’t result in a good look.  Buy the clothes that fit the best, regardless of what the labels says.  If the numbers really upset you, cut out the label, this is better than squeezing over the top of a too tight pair of trousers.

Buy underwear that flatters and smoothes

Good underwear, including a slip, can really alter the appearance of clothes, creating a more elegant smooth line and holding in the bits of your body that sometimes hang over the top.  Corsets offer a strong defined waistline and all in one body suits can give a beautifully defined figure that leaves your clothes hanging smoothly and looking great.

Personally, I like to make the most of my bust so I always make sure I have a good, well fitting bra on. The difference that a well fitting bra makes is unbelievable, in both looks and confidence.

Know the material that flatters your shape

Personally I believe all woman, bar the sveltest of the svelte, should avoid clingy materials like Lycra and opt for light fabrics like silk or cotton.  Popular online store Isme offers a great range in plus sized clothing, items such as their linen trousers are fabulously flattering for ladies who wear a size 16 plus.

Walk tall

Wear your clothes with pride, if you match your outfit with a boost of confidence and charisma you will look amazing.  Being a larger lady does not mean you are unattractive or unappealing so show the world you are beautiful.

Accessorise well

Match your outfits with a pretty, medium sized handbag and look for some vibrant, large necklaces and bracelets to jazz up a plain suit or one colour dress.  Never forget the importance of shoes to add height to your stature and really make an impression.


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