Benefit Brow Zing

Benefit Brow Zing

Hello Lovelies, 

I consider the brow to be the most important part of my make up routine. I will happily go out without foundation on but never my eyebrows. Why? Because I have super fair, sparse brows that need to be waxed in to quite a thin shape, dyed and then powdered just to show up.

One product I have been loving lately after a recent rediscovery is Benefits Brow Zing. I used to use this product years ago but for a while I moved around brands until earlier this year I returned.

With a duo of tinted brow wax and a powder in a complimentary shade, as well as 2 brushes and a pair of tweezers, for £22.50 you have everything you could need to tame your brows in one small compact place. The added bonus is the robust yet sleek black packaging and a great sized compact / travel sized non distorted mirror. This is a HUGE issue for me. I hate cheap distorted mirrors. You might as well not include one if its pants but this is great for the detail you need to see for your precious brows!

I have the Brow-zings in both light & medium*. While the medium is a great dark colour for my skin tone and hair colour, I find the reddy undertones a little too much for me so when I got the chance to try out the light, I realised it’s a much better colour for me as the undertones run to an ashy colour.

A lot of people never know whether to go for wax or powder first. Personally, I generally use the powder alone for every day use but for a long lasting or stronger brow look, I always wax first then powder to set.

At a recent Benefit event, we were shown a great tip, apparently Gok Wans favourite way to wear the product is a little bit of wax & powder mixed together and applied at the same time. I have given this a try but on my super fair brows, I find it a little overpowering for day time but love it for night.

The only thing I miss about the medium set is the depth of colour of the powder. The light is a great ashy tone but takes a lot of building up to get a noticeable colour (I think) whereas the medium was darker. Nothing to do with the product, just my own personal preferences!

Have you ever tried Brow Zing? What do you use on your brows?


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  1. 8th August 2012 / 8:18 am

    I haven’t tried this but ELF have a similar thing (powder and wax) that I used. I also have really sparse and light brows- I’d go out without foundation (if I HAD to) but never without my brows!

    I quite liked the ELF palette but I just prefer pencil in general. I found the wax and powder not quite strong enough a colour and it just slipped off after a while, so I’m not sure I’d sell out the extra for benefits version personally, although it’s pretty sweet that it comes with tweezers too! xx

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