TV alert!

TV alert!

Hello Lovelies,

As part of my life outside of blogging, I am involved with several large north east companies running and managing their PR & Marketing activities.

On of the companys I have previously worked with, Eclipse Performance, who I have spoke about before, was filmed last summer as part of an upcoming Channel 4 documentary featuring Grayson Perry.

It’s theme seems to be about ‘working class Sunderland’ but the spiel we were given was that they were looking for people who were passionate about something, regardless of what it was. 

I haven’t seen a preview episode of this so I will be watching it tomorrow with baited breath. It will be interesting to see how they have portrayed Eclipse along with car enthusiasts of the north.

The show is called ‘All in the best possible taste’ and it is on at 10pm tonight on Channel 4.

Can’t wait to see it and hear what people think.


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