Brewdog Newcastle – Beer for Punks

Brewdog Newcastle  –  Beer for Punks

The Brewdog phenomenon has rolled in to Newcastle. Can you hear that? It’s an entire sector of the populus screaming and cheering that there is another watering hole in town that doesn not sell gassy, watery tripe. Huzzah I hear you say!

Last night, Mr Tramp and I were joined by the Lovely Madame G + Mr Madame G ( or Daniella and David if you prefer ) for the launch event of the Brewdog Newcastle bar on Dean Street in the city.

Sitting side by side with a gentlemans club and Pizza Express, Brewdog have taken over the old Hoko 10 bar… sadly they have not kept their infamous vibrating armchairs (Boo!). 

Gone is the dark faux posh interior and instead lies a perfect mish mash of exposed brick work, iron I-beams and walls clad with old gymnasium flooring. Tables and chairs resemble Chemistry lab fixtures and there is even a games corner. I love the interior as I think the industrial décor really offsets the tacky fake “luxury” bars that seem to keep cropping up in Newcastle. It also reminded me of the Futuristic zone from the Crystal Maze but hey, that’s just how my mind works!

The people drawn to Brewdog were a real eclectic mix, old to young, suits to jeans. We came to the conclusion that it was very “alt” friendly, with the staff ranging from tattoo’d to brightly dyed hair with the customers reflecting this broad spectrum… it was nice to feel like you didn’t stick out like a sore thumb on the quayside for sporting tattoos and tunnels. Nothing worse than going to a bar and feeling uncomfortable is there? Brewdog is beer for punks after all. I think our little group approved of this ethos! How could I put this… you wouldn’t find the Geordie Shore-r’s in Brewdog that’s for sure. That’s only a selling point in my opinion!

To mark the evening, James Watt, co-founder (and all round handsome chap!) clambered on up on top of the bar and gave a passionate and sweary speech about Brewdog and the new bar which was met with rapturous applause. It also marked the start of the tasting sessions with James and Jonny Bright, an insanely personable knowledgable chap from the Camden bar. 

The bar serves both draft and bottled beer with a massive, HUGE, list of choice. Really. There must have been around 10 IPAs, beers and stouts on tap last night, bottles of their own Brewdog bevvies as well as a hugely impressive bottled beer list. Brewdog are  infamous for their insanely high % beers – Tactical Nuclear Penguin (32%) and Sink the Bismarck (41%), both of which are only sold by the 25ml nip as well as their more famous Punk IPA which you can even buy in Tesco. 

The  2 bottom beers are the single shot bad boys!

Mr Tramp and Mr Madame G both tried the Tactical Nuclear Penguin and I think they were both in agreement that it tasted more like a liquer than a beer both enjoyed it! At £5 a shot, this isn’t something you’d drink all night! Some of the prices of the guest bottles do look exceptionally high, but, when you think that it’s not the kind of drink you would have 8-10 pints of on a Friday night, £12 for a 1/2 litre of a delicious, artisanal beer to be enjoyed with good friends and good banter isn’t so bad is it?

During the tasting session we were given a selection of beers to try and we learnt how to smell the beers and taste in order to get the fullest flavours. Now I will hand on heart admit I do not drink, BUT, I did have a tiny sip and sniff of all the beers and even as a non drinker, they were all so fruity and unique and tasty smelling. I particularly enjoyed the Libertine, which as a non drinker, that’s a compliment! I did used to drink so having a little sip wasn’t an issue for me. The bar staff could not have been any more accommodating for me though, during the tasting they very kindly brought me a lemonade (Fentimans!) rather than sit without a drink.

I know I know, if I don’t drink why did I go? Well I wanted to support a new bar to Newcastle, I love the Brewdog company and just because I don’t drink, doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy a bloomin’ good night out right? It’s about time Newcastle had a few more interesting bars!

I should also add a little note to say the cheese + meat boards are divine and well worth a try if you pop in to visit! Most tasty! The board we had lasted all 4 of us for quite a while with its selection of cheeses, crackers, bread and olives. It certainly beats packets of scampi fries and rubbery pickled eggs doesn’t it!

With names like this, it makes me take up alcohol again!

I truly recommend you check this bar out in Newcastle or in any other of the UK locations or even buy a few bottles in Tesco as this is one company I don’t mind supporting. Built from scratch, honest ethics and it’s punk rock! Rawr!


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