Bargain Alert – Denise McAdam Miracle Repair with Argan Oil

Bargain Alert – Denise McAdam Miracle Repair with Argan Oil

Hello Lovelies,

Whilst browsing the beauty aisles in Tesco I spotted this absolute BARGAIN!

From the Denise McAdam range, the Miracle Oil contains Argan Oil (the main ingredient of Moroccan Oil) and is an unbelievable £1.94 for a 50ml bottle!

I’ve tried Denise’s products before and loved them as they are both high quality and very purse friendly.

I do use Moroccan Oil as well as pure Argan Oil from source but the thing I hate the most about Moroccan Oil is the smell. It turns my stomach but it’s something I grin and bear.

This Miracle Oil smells AMAZING. No word of a lie, it’s beautiful!

I will post a full review of this soon.. but in the mean time… go out and stock up before it’s too late!!

Here is a little cheeky picture. It’s not very good quality… the room is dark.. the flash is harsh.. and i’m using my new phone that I can’t entirely figure out yet!!

On the upside, Barney the cat is supervising from his position as my laptop background!




  1. 11th April 2012 / 9:13 am

    Complete Bargain! I’ll look out for it next time I pop into tesco.

  2. 11th April 2012 / 2:06 pm

    Definitely going to look out for this! x

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