My hair routine Part 1 – Treatments

My hair routine Part 1 – Treatments

Hello Lovelies,

I get asked a lot about how I keep my hair looking so healthy considering the abuse it gets with bleaching and styling etc. I have just had between around 6″ cut off my hair so that it sits just below my shoulders and it is looking super thick and healthy again. Just what I like. I have a natural curl, a natural mid blonde and super thick. I bleach it until it is very pale blonde.

With a dark blonde toner on my hair

I am a home dye-er and I probably always will be but thankfully after almost 17yr of DIY die jobs I think I have the techniques and skills just about down to pull it off… even if I do say so myself!

I am not brand loyal, I like to mix and match my products to get the best results.

Over the next few posts, I’m going to run through my current hair routine.

Intensive treatment 

I use the Olive Oil / Argan Oil leave in treatment that I wrote about HERE

Pre wash treatment 

Clynol Rescue Repair Treatment. I use this as a mask while I’m pottering round in the steamy bathroom just before hopping in the shower. I leave it on from 5 minutes up to over night, depending on my plans. Smells AMAZING and leaves hair super slinky. I use this as a conditioner as well. I reserve this pre wash for when my hair is reaally in need of a perk.

I absolutely love the Montagne Jeunesse Hot Miracle Hair Reconstructor Oil.

I apply both parts togther and leave on for a good few hours or even over night before washing as usual and I’m always left with silky soft hair. It’s just a shame the results don’t last more than one wash. Nothing restorative but for occasions, it really does give fab temporary results.

Post wash pre condition treatment

Between washing my hair and conditioning, I take 5 minutes to apply Joico K-pak deep penetrating reconstructor to my hair on the mid to ends to restore as much depleted protein as possible. You definitely need to condition after this but it really does help your hair stay slinky soft and keepts it nice and resilient. You can see results after only a couple of uses. I use this twice a week or even more if my hair is feeling particularly rough.

This is just part 1, look out for the rest!

What are your favourite treatments? How do you tend to your tresses?


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