Make Up Store Tri Brow

Make Up Store Tri Brow

Hello lovelies, 

I was a little obsessed with my HD brows palette for a while but after a freak accident, the shade I was using somehow crumbled and broke, I have been stranded in brow limbo! I have super fair blonde eyebrows and they are pretty sparse too. I keep them waxed in to a pretty thin line and then dye them just to bulk them out a little. They always need filling in too.

Recently, Make Up Store came to my attention and more specifically, their eyebrow trios. The middle shade is a perfect ashy taupey brown colour that closely mimics the HD shade. I’ve used this kit every single day since I got it and it’s brow love!

The trio is a nice dinky little size that takes up no space in my travel kit which is a huge bonus for me! 

The powder itself is divine. It feels almost creamy when you run your finger over it and I don’t get any dusty fall out on either the pan, my brush or even my brown. Finely milled and so smooth. The texture is just a pleasure to use.

I know a lot of people loved the HD brows because it came with a huge mirror and brush inside which made using the palette on the go easier, but I’ll be honest…. I don’t leave the house without my eyebrows “on” so I don’t really need to use this in situ throughout the day.

The selection of colours is great. The darkest colour works well on black and dark brown brows as well as setting gel liner whilst the mid tone and light shade work like a gem on lighter eyebrows.

I love the packaging, it has a luxe feel to it without the hefty price tag.

If you are eyebrow challenged like myself, or just want to be a little more groomed, then Make Up Store’s eyebrow trio is definitely the one for you!

You can buy Make Up Store Tri Brow kit here for £16.00

I have the foundation and powders on my wish list next!! Can’t wait to try those!

What do you use on your eyebrows? Have you tried Make Up Store before?

Stay tuned for something very exciting coming soon from Make Up Store here on

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  1. 8th February 2012 / 4:49 pm

    I tend to use Benefits Brow Zing and I also have my eyebrows tinted for days when I’m feeling lazy 😛 x

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