Hair Care Routine Part 2 – Shampoo

Hair Care Routine Part 2 – Shampoo

Hello Lovelies,

Here we have part 2 of my hair care routine mini series. Today we are on to Shampoos!

I usually have more than 1 shampoo on the go at any time because I like to mix and match. Mr Tramp gets the added luxury of using my shampoos (but he’s not allowed to touch my coveted Touch of Silver!) so I like to try and balance out what the shampoos ‘do’ so that we’re both suited.

I have always always prescribed to the school of thought that Shampoo = colour, Conditioner = texture. Whether red, brown blonde or natural, I always use a shampoo aimed to either protect colour or enhance natural colour. I find shampoos for thickening / frizz / damaged hair always too heavy and drying. I treat the condition of my hair with conditioner… which makes sense!

If I really need to tone down brassiness, such as when my darker blonde roots grow in or just after a dye, I use Touch of Silver twice a week brightening shampoo and I absolutely swear by this. I leave it on for 5 minutes and I can always count on it cooling my hair down. It’s cheap as chips and after trying most blonde products on the high street, I always return to this. It is my absolute holy grail shampoo for blondes. No shadow of a doubt! I use this pretty much every time I wash my hair to be honest.

Green People Intensive Repair Shampoo. This is a lovely shampoo and it is SLS free – YAY! It doesn’t lather very well at all which is to be expected so you have to be careful not to use too much but it leaves hair squeaky clean and doesn’t irritate a delicate scalp.

SLS free Naked Care sensitive scalp Shampoo.This is the SLS free shampoo of choice in the Tramp Household. Great for itchy aggrevated scalps, I suffer eczema flare ups on my scalp from time to time so this is a god send.

Another firm favourite that is always in the house and is just a great, soft gentle shampoo is the Herbal Essence Hello Hydration shampoo. Smells gorgeous and is just great. Shame it is SLS laden

T/gel is another firm favourite, like the Naked, it’s great for soothing scalp flare ups and keeping everything healthy. Certainly not one I could use every wash though.

And for an honourable mention… Not strictly a shampoo but I like to rotate the use of the La Riche Directions violet toner in to my routine, just after washing, leave it on for 15+ minutes, rinse and then condition. It is my absolute favourite for home toning. Fragrance free, free of most nasties and just effortless to use. I will do a full blog post on this very soon!

I have been using La Riche Directions for years, particularly all through my “hippy” years of rainbow hair. For anyone local to me, of a certain age… Baba Yaga in the Metro Centre was THE place to buy it!

What shampoos do you love?  Any recommendations you could give me? Next up will be conditioners!



  1. 12th March 2014 / 4:14 am

    Oh baba yaga, how I loved that shop. Was distraught when I realised it had gone. Never got to metro that often ,living in Darlington, but my utter horror when I went ,looking forward to the highlight of the day; going to baba yaga, only to find it gone. Gutted.

    • Katie -
      12th March 2014 / 8:01 am

      Back in the days when Spectacular nail polish was the coolest thing to buy ever and it was only 99p!

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