Tesco Beauty Blog – Come read me!

Tesco Beauty Blog – Come read me!

Hello lovelies,

 Some of you may have spotted already via Twitter or Facebook that I have been the guest blogger over at the Tesco Your Beauty blog on their Facebook page!

How exciting is that eh!

I have lots more posts in the pipeline so I will let you all know as and when they pop up but in the mean time, you can read my feature HERE for yourself. It’s via the Facebook page, so you will need to ‘like’ Tesco Beauty. It sits under the Blog tab on the title bar.

Yes, dreadful picture… I know!!!
If you want to read the original 2 blog posts that inspired my feature, you can read them HERE and HERE
What do you think? Will you be giving the DIY treatment a try? Do you have any other recipes? Is there anything else you’d like me to feature?

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