Review : Moroccan Oil Treatment

Review : Moroccan Oil Treatment

I have been in 2 minds about trying Moroccan Oil as I thought it was insanely expensive for what is essentially a jar of posh cooking oil. (artistic licence on that one!). 
The reviews and results were unequivocally good, but £30.45 is a hell of a lot of money to pay by most peoples standards.
While on holiday in Marrakech I was introduced to pure Argan oil by the female producers in their small co-op Berber pharmacies high in the Atlas Mountains and thought it was about time to get on the ‘moroccan oil’ band wagon. A 100ml bottle of pure Argan Oil for hair use cost me £4 so you can see why I find £30 to be excessive! The ladies were sweet and took their time to show us their extremely long and extremely well conditioned hair and their tips to get the most out of oil treatments (longer DIY post to come soon!)
After a week in the 120 degree heat my hair loved the deep treatment from the oil and it was left softer and silkier than any other conditioner I have ever tried – I was sold!
Now time to enjoy some gratuitous holiday snaps…..
A traditional Berber Village
A Berber lady working the husks in the co-op Pharmacy

A mini production line for treating the husks
As tradition in Morocco, when a guest in someones home (the pharmacies are in houses) you’re given glasses of hot sweet mint tea
Once my hair has improved in condition, I find the pure Argan Oil far too heavy to use regularly so I now save my precious bottle for those times when your hair needs some lovin’.
At Christmas, my lovely husband bought me a Moroccan Oil minis kit from , who stock a good range of Moroccan Oils (and far too much other amazing hair goodies – bye bye pennies!). I tried the oil with trepidation after a wash & condition, just applying the tiniest amount to my ends, knowing that the pure A.O was too much for healthy-ish hair.
I followed my usual blow dry routine and I was so so impressed. Not only did my hair feel less dry and strawlike but it looked amazingly healthy and nourished! The ends were so well behaved and sleek, I had no need to use serum after my blow dry. That alone for me is a huge improvement.
I have played round with quantities and how I place it through the hair and I have found a 5p size blob, spread between two hands and then worked from my ears down to tips gives me the best results as I have layers in this area and it makes sure all the tips get a coating. The final results are just fab! I hate to admit but this is my holy grail of hair products and I have been out and re-purchased the big 125ml bottle (100ml bottle for £30.45 here on
My mother is by biggest hair critic and even she can tell the difference to the quality of my hair, so if it’s noticeably different to others it must be good right? 
I use the moroccan oil every time I wash my hair and feel that it handles better with the oil, the ends are easier to curl under and the tips don’t get so ratty on the 2nd day. I have also applied a small amount on the 2nd day before if I just want a bit of extra taming. It smells absolutely devine too!
Now let me say, this is by no means a deep treatment oil but it is a daily godsend for styling and conditioning. You’d eat through a 100ml botle far too quickly trying to do a Deep Treat with this oil, but your hair does soak it up a lot quicker when it is in need of more nourishment.
All in all, I am SO happy that I tried the Moroccan Oil and im glad its made its way in to my daily routine to replace loading up my hair with silicone based serums which hide rather than tackled my frizzies.
My only complaint is the price. I think it’s a diabolical price for 100ml of oil. I did re-purchase the oil in its full size bottle but only after trying it. I would never have bit the bullet and paid the £30 without trying it first. I have used roughly 25ml in 2 month so it’s not too bad but I know the price puts a lot of people off – I hope this review will help encourage people to take the plunge and try it!!
I can’t wait to try the rest of the Moroccan Oil range, the deep conditioners and styling products are calling out to me… but as ever, I’ll have to save up some pennies before I can review them for all my lovely readers.

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