The perfect winter treat by [comfort zone]

The perfect winter treat by [comfort zone]
I’ve only ever had a mini sampler facial before and it brought me out in a rash. Because of this I can say I have never once since had the urge to re-visit that and try another facial. It’s just not worth it for me and my sensitive skin. I’d gladly let someone rub my face in a soothing manner, as long as they don’t load me up with product.
I say I’ve never been tempted to try another one that is until I have just learnt about the new treatment from [comfort zone].

On these bleak, wintery days, what would be perfect than a rich, opulent lovely massage and facial! Just think of a beautifully dim room, plush bed to lie on, toasty warm, candles flickering behind you and not a care in the world as you are worked on.

I am doing a little bit of treatment drool right now. I work absolutely every hour god sends in both my full time day job as well as running my own company full time and on top of that blogging and being a wife all in one go!

I will be tracking this down AND putting it at the top of my Christmas list. Mmm Myrrh, incense, scalp massage.. oh my, there I go drooling again!

The Arabian Back Scalp and Face Ritual by [comfort zone] is the ultimate winter warmer! 
Starting with a warm oil massage, this Arabian inspired ritual ignites your spirit whilst creating energy and calm for a tired body and mind. It uses [ comfort zone ] oil – a blend of intense and sensual  ingredients native to Arabia comprising myrrh, amber, sandalwood, incense and coriander… evoking  the experience of being in exotic lands. 
The foot massage includes symbolic moves from the Tuareg (nomads from the Sahara) which helps with pain removal, whilst the scalp massage is mildly hypnotic to remove you from everyday stresses. 
It is a complete top to toe experience which has real benefits to body and mind but unlike many rituals, this one also includes a full facial to leave you glowing and radiant.

Google tells me, and my local readers, that [comfort zone] is a featured brand at the following hotels :


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  1. 11th December 2011 / 6:43 pm

    Hi Katie!

    Thanks for your comment on my blog!

    Yes it was Drew from transummer at the Illamasqua store, she is a new in store make up artist there!

    Thanks again 🙂 xxx

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