A moody yet super glitzy NOTD

A moody yet super glitzy NOTD
This past weekend, husband and I went away so I thought I’d treat myself to a nice festive-y manicure and pedicure. I wanted something super glittery but still quite grown up.. If that is even possible!

What I decided to go for was a dark grey and silver combo that I can’t stop looking at. I think it’s beautiful and reminds me a lot of China Glazes Tinsel Town

What I used…

1 coat of Trind Nail Repair
1 reasonably thick coat of Avon Matte Grey polish, not looking for perfect coverage, just to lay the base colour down.
4 coats of Barry M Limited Edition Silver Effects glitter
1 coat of China Glaze Fairy Dust
1 coat China Glaze No Chip top coat

8 coats in total might sound excessive but I have had this polish on for 5 days and it’s still not showing any signs of wear or chipping so I can’t complain!

I normally have much much longer nails but after a disasterous run in with a high street nail chain and some acrylic extenions I was actually missing huge chunks out of most of my nails so this is a VAST improvement! Onwards and upwards they say!

I think I’m going to try this look over China Glazes’ For Audrey next, I think that will look gorgeous. 

Do you have a grown up way to do glitter or do you go all out glitterbomb?

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