Review : Proactiv Solution – Green Tea Moisturizer

Review : Proactiv Solution – Green Tea Moisturizer
As part of a recent post about holiday beauty HERE I was determined to give this whole in flight beauty malarky a go and while rooting round my box of smaller sized products I picked out the Proactiv tube to ensure it was within the 100ml plastic bag rule. I had originally been planning on taking the Biotherm Skin Ergetic Concentrate but sadly the active ingredient component of the product made me break out in a rash due to the pureness of it.
This moisturizer truly is the most amazingly fresh, light, cooling scented moisturiser I have ever smelt. It instantly makes you feel refreshed and a little bit more composed. It has a light, almost cucumber like smell to it which I really can’t put in to words how refreshing it feels and smells once you rub it in! And we all know how iffy I am about scented products!
The product is a very light, slightly opaque lotion that spreads easily and is absorbed evenly and quickly. You do get a lot of slip to the product though so a little does go a long way. A small pea will do your full face.
I did cheat during the flight and didn’t take my make up off, but just kept re-moisturising over the top (tsk tsk I know, I don’t know what posessed me!) and not once did it make me feel clammy or overloaded. It just kept on replenishing my dry tight feeling skin with minimal disruption to my slap.
As I’ve mentioned in just about all face related posts, my skin is very sensitive and this didn’t once break me out. Mr T even dabbed a little bit around his eyes after bout 7hrs in to the flight and he said he was amazed at the cooling effect. After about 9hrs I even dabbed a little bit behind my ears and along the back of my neck and it really did perk me up.
I stepped off that plane feeling cool calm and collected, despite having no sleep, and my skin didn’t look bloated, sallow or aggrevated which is a first for me as I usually look like I’ve been dragged through a hedge backwards when I step off a plane!
I have kept the remainder of the tube on my desk as I am that enamoured with the Green Tea Moisturizer and I now know what will forever be in my flight case for travel! It has come in very handy for soothing my tender burnt nose and hairline – Don’t ask! – without aggrevating or smothering the skin any further.
I can imagine this moisturizer coming in handy on those dark dingy mornings of winter when all you wan’t to do is sleep but need to feel pepped and awake at 6am… I’ll probably be reaching for it then too!
You can buy the Proactiv Solution Green Tea Moisturizer in the following way :


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