Fruit Works – Watermelon & Pink Grapefruit hand lotion

Fruit Works – Watermelon & Pink Grapefruit hand lotion
I’m feeling fruity….
On my quest to find a purse (and pilfering office staff) friendly hand lotion for my desk, I picked up a few huge bottles of Fruit Works hand lotion by Grace Cole.
For my hard earned £2.99 from TK MAXX, I have in my dry little mitts, a huge 500ml of fruity pink goodness!

I am currently using the Watermelon & Pink Grapefruit lotion which smells so light and summery it’s just lovely. It makes me want to eat my fingers. I have to avoid using it just before lunch time.. Nom nom nom. It just evokes mental images of summery beaches with the man selling fresh watermelon and big delicious fruit salad platters.
The huge bottle would be a bit unweildy for using with a screw top so the clever folk at Fruit Works have put a rather swish metallic pink pump dispenser on the top… I have to admit, it was the pink colour alone that made me buy this!
I find one squirt / press delivers enough lotion to work in to both my hands and wrists up to about watch height. At first I wasn’t very impressed as I thought the consistency was too watery to be moisturising but I perservered and boy am I glad I did.
The consistency is the perfect formula to quickly soak in to the skin while still delivering fruit moisture. This is a great bonus as a busy lady, I don’t want thick greasy gloopy all over my hands for 30 minutes after I’ve applied the product. 
Usage wise, I apply about 4/5 times a day at workas I hate the feeling of my hands not being moisturised, and as an IT Desk Jockey my hands are constantly in use. You don’t feel as you need to apply the product that often, it’s just personal preference. The smell lingers for quite a long time too which is great. No point buying scented lotion if the smell disappates as soon as it hits your skin!
In the 3/4 weeks I have been using this, Monday to Friday, the product level has only dipped by about 3mm so it’s going to last me forever, even at the rate I use it. What more could you ask? Budget friendly, beautifully scented and hydrating lotion that’s going to be very economical.
Now, in the great Lady from a tramp tradition, I can’t do a review without having some kind of silly story attached to each product it seems… this one is no different!
While sitting at my desk the other day, after an overly vigorous curling tong session, I could smell my hair was smelling a bit burnt (odd as I always use heat protectant but that’s by the by). Without any hair products or perfume to hand… I had a light bulb moment…. Why not put my lovely pink fruit hand lotion through the ends of my hair to take the burnt smell away. Genius I hear you say? Well I didn’t smell of burnt hair any more… now I smelled of burnt watermelon which I must say isn’t something I’d like to smell of again!
So the moral of the story girls is that it’s a fab fab fab hand lotion… but probably not the best product to take the smell of burning out of your hair!
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