Review : Tesco Original Lip Balm

Review : Tesco Original Lip Balm
As I had ran out both of my lipbalms I keep at work and in the car, and couldn’t possibly gouge out any more product from the tube I thought it would be best to grab a replacement to tide me over until I could order some more of the amazing Crazy Rumors Soda Pop lip balms from Super Smoochers. I found myself browsing the selection in Tesco.
As I wanted something only to tide me over ’til my preferred balms arrived I thought I’d just bite the bullet and try Tesco’s own brand lipbalm in the original flavour / colour way, that way if they were naff, I hadn’t wasted much money.
In the packet, you get 2 x 4.5g balms (which is more than the 4.2g Crazy Rumors) so I thought if they turn out to be ok, for 50p a balm I could be on to a winner. They were either £1 for 2 or £1.04 for 2. I sadly can neither find my receipt or the exact ones online.
The packet and the packaging on the tube is seriously uninspiring, I’m not going to lie to you. It certainly wouldn’t make me want to reach for it over the bright colourful other offerings. I was solely swayed by the price!
The product inside the tube is a clear waxy balm that doesn’t really have a smell or taste… but if pushed as you were really looking for one, I’d say it was vanilla toffee-ish, like Rice Krispie Squares but it certainly isn’t strong. 
The balm has a great amount of slip, sliding on thinly over my lips without distorting in the bullet or clumping on to the lips. We’ve all had balms that on first use either collapse on themselves (especially the Revlon Just Bitten balms!) or leave hideous white clumps over your lips. One run over each lip delivers just the perfect amount of product that doesn’t need to be worked in to the lips which I like.
I have found this balm lasts a good hour + on your lips in a dry air conditioned office before you feel like you need to reapply. It lasts a little bit less if you drink or eat but that’s to be expected. My lips certainly feel plumped and moist.
I have worn this over the top of lip stains and it provides moisture and a sheen to my lips – lovely!
For a lip balm that just languishes in the corner of my desk, I can’t fault this balm. I’ve already put the 2nd tube in my bag and more in my car then I don’t have to worry about the colour clashing with whatever lippy I have on, or if Mr Tramp needs a dose of moisture he’s not forced to endure anything tinted for ‘girly’.
For £1.00 for 2 balms, I thoroughly recommend you all try it out if you’re looking for a budget / emergency, yet good quality lip balm. 
Absolutely brilliant quality and fab value. 
Check them out!


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