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I’m all for peer reviews on products and treatments, so before I buy anything or book anything, I like to check out Makeup Alley, Boots, Google for reviews or use the Good Spa Guide. It’s always good to know what you’re getting right?

Wahanda has introduced a monthly awards system called the Wahandies to recognise treatments, salons and products that us, as consumers have voted for and recommended. Sounds good right! Recognition due where it is deserved!

Here’s a bit of the official blurb about the Wahandies… Don’t forget to go and vote. I know I have a few local salons i’d like to sing the praises off so I’ll be hotfooting it over to investigate on how I submit them!
Wahanda Launches NEW ‘Red Carpet’ Awards!
Ladies and Gentlemen, Wahanda have now launched their new exclusive awards…the Wahandies! These fantastic monthly awards are designed to acknowledge and say thank you to all the venues and treatments that the Wahanda community love the most.
The NEW awards are based around the wonderful community at Wahanda and are a chance for visitors to the site to reward their favourite spas, salons and wellness venues to help them shine like the stars that they are!
How the Wahandies work
The awards take place each month and there are 10 different Wahandie awards in total. The award categories are different each time to give the community a chance to vote for a variety of their favourite treatments, from ‘Best Beach Body Fixes’ to ‘Top Tanning Treats’.
The winners are chosen solely by the Wahanda community and the businesses selected are those the community rates the highest; based on reviews, average ratings, number and quality of the reviews and credibility. The winners of each category are then awarded with a ‘glistening’ Wahanda badge to display on their website, letting the world know just how much the Wahanda community loves them!
Get started!
These rewards need participation from everyone and if you’re not already a member of the Wahanda community, then join in! For users this is a great chance to further envelope yourself into the beautiful Wahanda community. The Wahandies make it even better for everyone to be part of something special and make finding the best treatments, spas and salons even easier.
So here’s what to do next
  1. Think of a spa or salon you have recently been to and search it using the great easy-to-use search at the top of the Wahanda home page.
  2. Write your review whether it is good or bad; Wahanda love to know what you think so unleash your inner writer!
  3. Don’t forget to sign up to their newsletters so Wahanda can keep you up to date on each month’s categories and winners! Not forgetting all the wonderful deals they’ll alert you about.
Check out the Wahanda site to see who won this month’s Wahandies!


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