The cost of beauty?

Imagine walking down the high street and you see an amazingly beautiful, decadent luxe spa. You look at their prices to see a full body massage is only £5.

What do you make of that? Do you equate higher beauty prices with higher quality of service? Do you avoid it because ‘something must be amiss’?

I happened upon an article on the Daily Mail website today – CLICK HERE TO READ that highlighted the fact that most beauty treatments cost the salons next to nothing to carry out, product wise, so what prompts them to hike up the price hugely? Well profits obviously but surely dropping from £60 to £30 would probably
encourage more people to have go for one?

We have to consider what the average overheads and wages could be, but do salons really need to hike up a massage from £2 > £60? I suspect not.I think we all know deep down that the few drops of oil and scenty candle in a basic treatment room isn’t entirely worth the £30/40/50 they charge but it’s a cross we have to bear for our vices right?

For a long time I equated a higher price from a high end salon to be of greater quality than a smaller salon.I soon learnt my lesson and judge the treatment on recommendations and not their price tags.

Would you be happy paying £3 for a full body massage? Or would you still prefer something higher priced to reflect the quality and ambiance?

I know I have looked in to local training colleges who charge cost, to let their final year students loose on the public with head massages from £2, who wouldn’t want to give that a try? It’s a much more savvy way to get that weekly/ monthly pampering
we’d all love.

I’d love to know everyone’s views on this.


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