Calling all beauty bloggers…. Youngblood needs you!

Calling all beauty bloggers…
Relative newcomers to the make up scene, Youngblood UK are looking for beauty bloggers, to work in conjunction with them.
What a fab opportunity to get involved with a brand. Hopefully any comments and feedback would be acted upon and it’s both an excellent opportunity for us bloggers to ‘make a difference’ but also for Youngblood to get ‘in the field’ reviews, suggestions and honest feedback. Seems win win all round?!
I love the idea of mineral make up and as my lovely readers know my main face concerns are v. sensitive skin and high colour which requires covering. I’ve tried most of the main contenders to the mineral crown and i’m yet to fall in love with any of them, reverting back to my heavier liquid foundations.
The wishlist i’ll be working my way through, in case you’re nosy… is this : 
and on an upside, before my shipping list, the liquid foundation is oil, talc and paraben free – MARVELLOUS!
Mineral Primer – £30
Hi Def Hydrating Mineral Perfecting Powder – £32
Mineral Rice Setting Powder – £21
Liquid Mineral Foundation – £35

And to top it all off, the Ultimate Foundation Brush looks lovely!

Will you be submitting yourself to help out Youngblood? Have you tried their brand already? What do you want to try?


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