Exfoliating Favourites

Exfoliating Favourites
In the spirit of Lady from a tramp, I am starting my annual (shame on me I know) exfoliation battle.

In the run up to summer exposure, an abundance of fake tan and a holiday on the cards, it’s time to battle those lumpy bumpy corned beef arms and dull flaky shins!

Despite my facial skin being super sensitive, the skin on my body can take a battering. I prefer my exfoliators and body scrubs to be nice and super gritty so you can really really feel it sloughing away at the dead skin cells and smooth rough areas.

I am currently using Treacle Moon’s That Vanilla Moment scrub.
The blurb from the Treacle Moon Website : 
This is a dreamy creamy scrub that takes all the yuck and debris from your busy skin (in a gentle unassuming sort of way) and leaves you cleansed softened and smooth. make the household chores wait and find a couple of minutes twice a week to polish your special skin… you will be amazed.
The scrub isn’t overly gritty or as grainy as i’d like but it is a beautiful decadent scented product that really feels like it leaves a little bit of moisture on the skin so it not only feels exfoliated but nourished too. The scent isn’t as cloying or overpowering as something like the Body Shop vanilla line but gently scented like a sweet cake. The smell also doesn’t interfere with any scented shower gel or body lotion you’d apply afterwards which is fab.

To supplement the scrub, I also recently purchased the Calypso Natural Scrub Sponge which I absolutely love. I seriously cannot rave about this sponge… which is a bit sad I know. On one side is a traditional yellow cellulose sponge and on the other is a coating of what I can only describe as sand paper! It sounds terrible but it isn’t dangerously rough, it is actually made of roasted corn grains.

It is the rough sandpaper side that I love. I think it just really gives a great exfoliation and it makes me really feel like it’s working straight away.

I paid £2.89 for the Treacle Moon scrub which comes in a 225ml tube. It is normally £3.99 but I bought it whilst on offer. The exfoliating sponge was £3.44, also from Tesco.

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