Do You Need Virtual Reality In Your Life?

Virtual Reality

As we move into the latter stages of 2018, it’s fair to say that virtual reality has been a little bit underwhelming. While it’s still a major technology and one we should all keep an eye on, it hasn’t exactly “changed the game,” so to speak.

Mark Zuckerberg himself, who, through Facebook, is heavily invested in the success of VR, said just last year that it will be 10 years before we really get to where we want to go with the technology. And he may be right. We may look up in another 10 years, if not five, and see VR as an indispensable technology and a modern marvel. For now though, the question is completely fair: Do you really need VR in your life?

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Give a gift with Parcelgenie

Parcelgenie Txtgenie 2

Parcelgenie is an awesome app to help you send cute little gifts. From birthdays to Valentines Day or just a little something something, Parcelgenie has it all at an affordable price – which makes present giving more fun and even easier!

With the roll out of their revolutionary text gifting service, TxtGenie, things have just got a whole host easier!

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Techno bling with We Love Poppys

Techno bling with We Love Poppys



Hello Lovelies,
I sometimes struggle to incorporate femininity and whimsy in to my working world. As it’s were I spend 90% of my time, this is a big deal. Working between IT and motorsport, I’d never be taken seriously if I turned up with my tech covered completely in pink. So no pink laptops, ipad covers or phone cases for me – BOOO!
Lately I have been sporting a cute, understated bit of girly bling on my phone and ipad to cheer myself up!

Poppys are small luxury accessory that fit in to the headphone jack on your tech, be it an ipod (as seen in my pics) a phone, ipad or even an older gen Kindle, if it has a headphone socket, you can rock a Poppy.

Spoiled for choice with designs, my favourites would be the black heart and the skull – girly yet ungirly eh!
Priced between £12.95 and £14.95, covered entirely in Swarovski crystals you will find the Poppys are of high quality and sturdy construction. This is reassuring when you think how many knocks a phone takes in a bag.

The Poppys arrive through your letterbox wrapped up in a dinky little pink velvety pouch.

Poppys, a German brand, has been attracting press hype and popularity in its native country and now is the time to branch out.
You can buy your own gorgeous Poppy from their nifty website

Do you have anything cute on your gadgets? Tell me!