It’s love… and love is Marc Jacobs shaped

It’s love… and love is Marc Jacobs shaped

Hello Lovelies, 

I’m generally not one for designer jewellery as I so sporadically wear it, I see it as an required waste of money but every so often, something will pop up and call my name and I can’t resist buying it. Usually Vivienne Westwood necklaces or my last splurge was indeed my Marc Jacobs earrings I blogged about HERE.

While trawling the interwebs to find myself something to mark my new job, I deviated from my usual searches of handbag sections and in to accessories and there I fell in love!

And if it wasn’t gorgeous enough, what’s the model name I hear you ask? It’s Katie, Marc Jacobs has actually called a bracelet Katie! It would be rude not to buy it, right? Much like I got suckered in to buying an unflattering Illamasqua blush just because that too was called Katie! It’s a habit!

I’m torn though ladies! This beautiful bracelet comes in either a hot pink & gold colour way or an all rose gold colour way. I am absolutely torn!

Problem is, I know I probably won’t wear either one enough to warrant the splurge but it is gorgeous, it’s named after me and I deserve a treat!