Land Rover Owners Experience Day Review

Land Rover Owners Experience Day

When purchasing a new Land Rover or Range Rover you are given a Land Rover Owners Experience Day (£225) held at one of the Land Rover accredited off roading sites across the country. For us, Yorkshire was the closest so we found ourselves booking a midweek stay at the Coniston Hotel who host the site. You can read a full review of our stay HERE.

On arrival, we were welcomed by friendly staff and shown to the abundantly supplied waiting area. After a quick cuppa and obligatory custard cream, our tutor for the day came to collect us. We felt instanly at ease with our instructor and Katie was fully included just as much as I was.

As I had just bought a brand new Freelander and I am new to the Land Rover family I chose to do the Land Rover Owners Experience Day in the same model so that I could really find out what the car can do – without breaking mine; I am well aware of the merits of the Freelander on paper but I really wanted to put it through it’s paces in person! Of course Katie would have chosen the Defender. I’m sure if you cut her in half, she’d say Defender through the middle.

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