Scott Cornwall Colour Restore Chrome Toner

Scott Cornwall Colour Restore Chrome Toner Review

The Scott Cornwall Colour Restore Chrome Toner has been a life saver. A big shiny hair saver. It turned a salon colour that I hated in to something I couldn’t stop looking at. If you are a blonde with yellow or brassy tones – this is the thing for you!

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KMS Flat Out Spray

KMS Flat Out Spray

Hello my lovelies,

I am of the fuzzy haired persuasion. I beat my processed curly locks in to submission but sometimes that pesky humidity or foggy dampness in the air ruins the best laid plans.
I have recently been getting in to KMS products and have discovered their Flat Out Spray. After styling my hair, either big blow dry, straightened or curled, I use Flat Out as a final finishing spray to lock and hold in my style as a barrier against moisture in the air.

What a life saver this little spray of wonder has been so far! I have been out in drizzle and fog and my style has stayed as it should, even after a extremely sweaty gym session I don’t get any of my usual ringlets around my hair line. HUZZAH!

The spray has a light but pleasant smell that lingers nicely in the air and it does not affect the texture of the finished style. No mattifying or texturising just an invisible pleasure to use.
I have been using a small can of Flat Out so that I can carry it in my handbag for touch ups on the go but because the mist is so fine I have been getting loads of use out of the dinky little can.
The KMS Flat Out Spray (and my mini Batiste!) has become a handbag hero and I totally recommend it if you get the fuzzles from moist air.
EDIT – I am aware that the Flat Out anti humidity is now known as HAIRSTAY anti humidity spray due to a re-packaging towards the end of 2011. The product is exactly the same.I am using the old style can as above but the new one looks like this, so keep an eye out for that too!

Have you tried KMS before?