Look Sharp with Tweezerfile

Tweezerfile Review

Are you forever going through pairs of cheap tweezers? Mine never seem to stay sharp enough longer than one eyebrow tweeze! How do you fix this never ending circle of plucking and purchasing? Tweezerfile!

I have forever wondered how people who buy “posh” tweezers cope when they inevitably go blunt after a while. Just throw them away and buy another £20 pair? Not likely!

I am firmly in the <£2 from Boots camp.

Tweezerfile (£19.99) is a revolutionary new make up bag essential for keeping your tweezers (and eyebrows) on point.

Tweezerfile Review

With a contoured grip and diamond file surface, you simply slip your tweezers on to the file, apply gentle pressure and slide them up and down to sharpen.

I like my pluckers to be sharp enough to cut my enemies, so I follow the video tutorial on the Tweezerfile website and then finish my filing off with a run over the top edges and points to make sure I can grab the little fine hairs and don’t get any sharp edges.

Tweezerfile Review

The initial outlay is definitely going to offset how many tweezers I buy – I’ve even been going round sharpening my Mam’s and friend’s tweezers for them like a travelling salesman!

Ranking as Highly Recommended in the ASOS 2019 Beauty Awards, this nifty and dinky beauty tool is fast becoming a cult staple and must-have for your bag.

Tweezerfile is available HERE

My tweezers will live on another day….. to pluck out stray white hairs from my hairline!

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