Starbucks Phantom Frappucino

Starbucks Phantom Frappucino

You know I can’t resist anything remotely Goth so I hotstepped it over to Starbucks to pick up their Halloween special for 2019 – the Phantom Frappucino!

Available from October 26th – 31st.

A spoopy halloween horror has been whipped up for the haunting week.

A coconut milk base with added mango and lime is blended with activated charcoal to make a spooktacular Phantom Frappucino.

Starbucks Phantom Frappucino

While it looks gross, it tastes light and fruity, like a Solero lolly has melted in to a Pina Colada. Not my usual choice but it’s black and Goth AF so of course I had to order it.

There has been some hot debate on line about the activated charcoal and how it can interact with some medications to affect their performance so on your own head be it, if you order it.

Starbucks Phantom Frappucino

The Starbucks Phantom Frappucnio is a light and creamy whipped drink that tastes of summer but looks like Halloween.

Starbucks Phantom Frappucino

It’s caffeine free so perfect for everyone who doesn’t like coffee!

Would you be brave enough to try the Phantom Frappucino?

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