Celeste Barber – #ChallengeAcceptedLive

Celeste Barber – #ChallengeAcceptedLive
  1. If you don’t follow Instagram icon Celeste Barber, where have you been hiding?
  2. Stop reading this and go and follow her! Right now, then come back.

Having followed along Vogue cover star Celeste Barber’s rise to Instagram notoriety, when I spotted she was publishing a book, I was there on launch day hitting that buy button. You can imagine my excitement when she announced a UK tour! BUY BUY BUY.

Despite a successful career outside of those tiny curated squares, Celeste Barber rocketed to the mainstream replicating celebs pictures in a way that only you and I could muster. Granny pants, less than perky boobs and bed hair. Sound familiar?

How would a popular Instagram account translate to the stage? Pretty bloody well actually.

Listening to Celeste talk, it was like being in the pub with that 1 absolutely hilarious mate we all have who doesn’t have to force funny. It just happens. Maybe it’s her Australian ways, maybe it’s because she swears just as much as a Geordie? Who knows but it was A.M.A.Z.I.N.G.

Relatable life anecdotes and stories mixed in with some snippets of her online life and slating of online body shaming made it an hour of interactive amusement with a side serving of empowerment.

An effortless hour of hilarity that just made me love her even more. Of course Hot Husband had his own moment in the sun with a salacious woo when he popped on stage pre-show.

I want to do it all over again but most importantly? I’d love to have a few beers with Celeste as I think it would be f***ing brilliant!

If you can catch Celeste Barbers #ChallengeAcceptedLive UK tour – do, please do. You’ll bloody love it.

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