INC.redible Glittergasm Lip Topper

INC.redible Glittergasm Lip Topper

You might think a glitter lipgloss can only be worn by those under 18 or heading a summer festival but you’re wrong! The INC.redible Glittergasm Lip Topper are here to change your mind!

We all know the matte nude lip is still raging strong thanks to the deluge of brands bringing out their liquid lipsticks offering day long matte looks but what if you wan’t to pep up your pout?

The INC.credible Glittergasm Lip Topper (£8) deliver micro fine glitter particles suspended in a non sticky gloss that look incredible (geddit!) over a matte lip, a lip liner or even on a bare lip for a subtle glint.

With 4 shades to choose from, there’s an INC.redible Glittergasm Lip Topper shade to suit most looks and all provide a subtle, adult appropriate bit of disco. There’s no tacky Claire’s Accessories tween glitter gloss here.

The micro fine glitter particles feel comfortable on the lip and not at all gritty. The clear gloss they are suspended in adds an extra hit of high shine.

I’m a Firecracker is a holographic silver toned lip topper that just adds the most beautiful pop of interest to lip shades without interfering with the base colour. The lightweight sheer INC.redible Glittergasm Lip Topper is perfect for holidays and summer months to catch all that light.

And 3 cheers for Nails Inc offering skin swatches in different skin tones!

Of course I am partial to the hot red called Red Hot Ready which I always pair over a bold matte red to get the party started.

With other brands ranging from Barry M, Revolution right up to Jouer offering lip toppers, Nails Inc’s cosmetic offering sits at a great price point for the quality and the next time you are passing a Nails Inc concession – check the toppers out. The whole INC.redible line is underrated and needs more attention!!

Are you a subtle glitter fan or do you go all out and pile as much glitter on as possible?!

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